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‘Cleland House’ 33 Godfrey St, Campbell ACT

A sublime, pedigree example of Australian Modern reflecting a radiance that relies not on showy countenances or aspirational conceit, but rather simplicity and inherent material qualities. A c.1961 work of pragmatism, craftsmanship which brightly pops via excellent use of colour with a design centered on the joy of casual moments, sunlight and the unending beauty of the bush in which it nestles.
This home, was a commission for a Lindsay and Sylvia Cleland by notable Melbourne-born Canberra-practicing architect Theo Bischoff, you may recall the raptures said Mr Bischoff spun us in two years ago with his c.1969 Gascoigne House and this earlier an example is a similar, albeit slightly more humble, masterclass in design and the early 60s pared-back palette. Dreamy.
And it would be remiss of us to post this home and not offer hi-fives and goodonyas to the agents. Seems that after years of pleading the case for a more sympathetic and learned approach to marketing deserving MCM homes such as this, someone has taken up the mantle and what a brilliant job they’ve done! Holly people, we could not have topped your pitch ourselves, kudos to you and yours and may it prove a success and inspiraiton for all involved.