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‘Slade House’ 2 Montrose Ct, Toorak VIC

Q) How does one stay in Iso, yet manage to rock n’ roll all night and party ev-er-y day?
A) Join a commune!
And what daring attraction we find here in such a proudly glamourous, Modernist residence, up for lease. Essentially untouched and rambling with rooms, grounds and splendid extras (inc.pool-to-slay-all-pools) to suit any cohabitation or working arrangement you could envisage. This c.1964 legacy work by dynamic MMMM duo of Holgar & Holgar demands to be heritage-listed, such is its pedigree and condition, but in our current global situation, we are squarely drawn to the promise of the temporarily forsaken dreamlife built on social flux, the breezy comings and goings of bodies, the parties, the conversations, the communal richness of chance, artistry and living as humanity has evolved to live for millennia.


One day again soon friends, one day…….

** Hot spotting by Simon Reeves from Built Heritage (pop by our Rolodex), in his element celebrating the choicest cuts from Melbourne’s MCM speckled, inner east.