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25 Kalimna St, The Gap QLD

Hooray for a success story, a glimmering light on the hill sure to brighten up your long day. This one home – a 1964 classic, rundown and unceremoniously listed a few years back, land value clearly on the vendor’s mind with only 2 blurry exterior shots offered, fortunately it was heroically picked up by those who knew what they saw when they spied it. The result (after what was no doubt an arduous labor of love and money) is this resplendent contemporary home. Remaining Mid-Century marvelous at its core with daring features front and centre; that gorgeous brickwork, timber front door and that superstar, freestanding fireplace but which now includes bonus joy in the form of in-ground pool, aesthetically spot-on landscaping and sparkling new kitchen. For those who love mod-cons and MCM design but can’t stand endless weekends of sanding, digging and choosing tapware, this one has your name all over it. Bravo to the present owners who have created a landmark of of joie de vivre for the new ones!