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‘Lehmann House’ 1A Benelong Cres, Bellevue Hill NSW

We’ve been around the Australian Modern block (real estate wise) for many years now and we can attest this grand ol’ Hollywood dame has too. We recall the change of ownership back in 2013 (from which most of these images originate) though we did not list it then (perhaps snapped up before we could) and it gives us untold pleasure to see the development dreams of that entity smashed to smithereens and the wildly expressive joy of this sensational residence emerge victorious. Furthermore our desire to see such design and incredible detailing, (including perhaps the swingingest carport, a veritable checklist of MCM desires, in the entire Southern Hemisphere) gives way to evil glee when we know recent world events bode poorly for those similarly inclined to destroy such a heroic building, an exemplar of its era’s high-life to replace it with whatever wealth creation mediocrity they had devised. Indeed there are silver linings to be found all over the place right now if you know where to look and this ol’ girl being yanked (maybe once more) from the precipice of oblivion is one for us.