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4202 Mansfield-Woods Point Rd, Jamieson VIC

Fulfilling all the cabin chic/ small home desires any under-Boomer could be marketed too, is this simply gorgeous prospect on the banks of the ol’ Goulburn. Jettisoning all formulas and accouterments of the contemporary drag, this elemental late -70s, cedar 2-piece set with immaculately preserved interiors could fulfill all manner of Joni-Mitchell, denim-clad fantasies involving novel/album writing, healing hermit retreats, ‘the weekender’ for those never going to own in town or as a family/mates buy-in to ensure memories made and remade for 100 years. In a beautiful part of the natural world, a stunning late-Modern design of timber, tile and stone with coupla towns nearby for the emergency counter meal and slab pick-ups – iso never looked so appealing.