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1 Harding St, Surrey Hills VIC

An unqualified belter for us all on this mellow Easter Sunday, one to maybe draw a tad more excitement to this uniquely quiet time. To wit – a two bed, two bath residence, claimed to be from the early 60s. A concept of clean, uncompromised lines, exquisite timber, cream interiors and what seems to be a kitchen that the single owner never cooked in, which elicits ever-higher pitched squeals of delight and surprise. That such a stunning example of highly conceived and executed Mid-Century Modernism (c’mon guys- who is the architect here!?**) can still exist wholly intact and hidden in plain sight on this conservative, suburban ‘hood is testament to its owner and to us all in the tireless persistence of uncovering such timeless architecture.

**Many thanks to MCDA for the update. It’s an early 70s (rather than 60s) project home design for Lewis Coote Homes, from architect Francis C. Mason.