In uncertain times, when issues on a global scale are a whirling current, take heart and a deep lesson from those who traversed times of massive upheaval, came out the other side and decided to celebrate life and beauty with remarkable residences such as this one. A c.1963 home of uncompromising continental panache, designed by post-war, Polish immigrant Bernard Slawik for one Mr. Josek Baker, made complete (among other aspects) by the astounding timberwork from local joinery master Dario Zureff (and lovely to see him named in the agent blurb with such knowing familiarity. Gary Peer has been kicking many an MCM goal of late – kudos!). It’s not often we defer to the agent video, but in this case it is a must to truly get a handle on just how splendid an example of Marvellous Melbourne Migrant Modern (MMMM) we have here. An unqualified jaw-dropper.

Posted by:Modernist Australia