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1 Red Bluff St, Black Rock VIC

For us and we suspect many of you out there, our housing desires are moderate. Just a place with a couple of bedrooms, a touch of greenery in the garden, some natural light and feel of warmth and decent cupboard space may suffice and here we have just the ticket. That said, the price tag is eye-watering and jabs us with fear that it may be purchased and wreaked by those with more bucks than sense. But let us not dwell on such unpleasantness, indeed let us choose to keep our spirits high and contentedly adore this Alistair Knox bayside beauty and dream our own modest dreams………

**Update** The canny eyes of the MA massive have looked this over and pointed out that this is no Alistair Knox, but rather a Sibbel Builders beauty, with @modernistinteriorseltham laying out all the attributes of a classic Sibbel residence to be found here including that gorgeous and very intact joinery ( butterfly handles on the cupboard – oh yes!) and the Sibbel family themselves confirming it. Thanks all and case closed.