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15 Paradise Plc, Budds Beach, Surfers Paradise, QLD

For all the wailing and gnashing of teeth down south, all the losses and the deflation, still nothing holds a candle to the wholesale erasure of our Australian Mid-Century Modern built history quite like The Goldie. The Vegas of the continent. Blooming in post-war construction boomtime, busting with Modern and Googie architecture, now a victim of the same lucre-chasing spirit which sees poor taste and short term gains triumph over the building of a culture. This home – a goner – a vestige and anchor of nostalgia, at first renovated into blank submission (see the before shots after the floorplan) now awaits the executioner whom, in one fell blow, will destroy it and with it whatever feeling remained. The Gold Coast as always, like the dementia-riddled boomer’s it caters too, floating in an exposed atmosphere, devoid of memory, context, and substance.

With thanks to Nick for the heads up on this one.