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‘Baker House’ 203 Atkinson Rd, Titirangi NZ

Hot on the heels of the Oscar win of one of our favourite kiwis (Taika you bloody ripper!) comes yet another reason to gaze across the Tasman and be achingly jealous at New Zealand’s proud beauty and progressive direction in all matters. ‘Baker House’ (c.1963) is for sale, celebrated and fawned over by the agents as a high-water mark of NZ Mid-Century Modern domesticity. Not one blaspheming word of S.T.C.A., extension nor renovation to be dare seen here, no indeed, this jaw-dropper is simply and ecstatically praised for its undeniable gorgeousness and liveability. The present owners profiled for the Modernist die-hards they are and the custodial mantle they carry with pride. Righto then. Enough chat. Time to click, admire and be schooled on how to be sold a breathtaking MCM slice of a standout nation, we hope you are all taking notes.