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3 Woolton Plc, Sandy Bay TAS

A delicious dose of the Dorney today, that is Esmond Dorney, perhaps Hobart’s most under-the-radar hometown boy, whose body of residential work nonetheless continues to keep popping up and enthralling all us on the mainland. And in particular today, a sensational c.1958 residence having undergone a respectful reno which clearly took utmost care to preserve some signature features not least of which is that insane rounded timber and stone fireplace, a touch of paneled magic from a man who loves a good curve (as seen in his own, now heritage-listed, house). Kudos to whoever was responsible.
It’s not every day you get the chance to own a slice of Tasmanian, MCM mythology let alone one with unbeatable orientation basking in the full southern sunshine and already refreshed with simple elegance. So we say, if a move’s been on your mind, now is the time to step-up.