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22 Shoubra Drive, Highton VIC

We will freely admit that this tantalizing residence would not be posted by us tonight if there wasn’t one glaring deal-breaker in play. For we would have coveted it immediately for ourselves, be on the phone to the bank and going over our options to uproot our entire lives but for a single cold fact: the orientation is, as they say, problematic. This otherwise marvelous 1960s (surely not 70s) home of mostly intact (save for that diabolical 90s garage/entry – hoo-boy) and swinging California soul is a divine and doable rarity in the ‘burbs of G’town. The timber-lined walls, full-length windows, beams, garden all eliciting rude exclamations with every click of the pics. That said, why in the world would the creator, clearly so architecturally savvy, face the living-room courtyard close to due south and the main bedroom west, with only one measly one-bedroom window facing north? We are stunned by such integral beauty yet such placement on the block. Flip it like a mirror and it would be perfect. Who knows, perhaps with climate change breathing heat down our necks, it is actually astute to seek the shade more readily in the southern states? In any case, we’ll leave it to the universe and all of you out there to fall for it instead. We know it won’t be short of deserving fans.

*Update* For those so impassioned to take this house on we’d highly recommend the services of our own Rolodex Partner – Studio 101 Architects. Principal architect Peter Woolard is an unsurpassed wizard in turning a 60s classic into a thing of magnificence, as seen in his Kerriemuir St House, just over the hill in Manifold Heights.