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21 Jackson St, Anglesea VIC

Like Miami to Art Deco, so too is humble ol’ Anglesea to the Australian Mid-Century beach house. Perhaps because for decades it played bridesmaid to bohemian-enclave-cum-resort-town of Lorne on one side and the skeggy bravado of Torquay/Jan Juc on the other, it missed a lot of development which stripped both of their beach shack inheritance in the 80s,90s and 00s. If only we’d grabbed a place in Anglesea back then, for now the secret is well and truly out and, sadly, even polished gems such as this sensational compound, possessing the very essence of the holiday dream, are at the demolition/rebuild mercy of those who seek to change the character of this place from casual, gum scented, daggy fun times to a borough of insipid material obsession. Let us cross our fingers, watch and hope.