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15 Altmann Ave, Warrnambool VIC

By popular demand, we bring you this Mid-Century landmark where the bucolic meets the beach in Warrnambool. On the edge of our more *ahem* eclectic range here at MA, the on-ground dispatches are all compliments pertaining to the structure,  windows, and stonework whilst the more Liberaceian aspects are purely a matter of taste. And as often the case with these one-off listings, we begin at the residence but instantly wander to the character of the owner. For in a regional burg such as this one, anyone this idiosyncratic and exotic in their home (tiki-themed bathroom- an MA first!), surely must have carried themselves IRL accordingly and been a local legend. Did they cruise down the shops in a convertible of a similar era? A lady/man on either side? Gold eye-teeth? Furs in winter and 3-piece suits? Bespoke made footwear? The mind boggles with delight.