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4 Bell St, Torquay VIC

As they say in the movies, there’s no way Bells is bigger than Waimea bro, but this ultimate Mid-Century beach house in Torquay, (and Bell St no less!) and a mere 2 mins down the road from Bhodi’s drop off into the 50 Year Storm is gonna rack up some big, big love from all the MCM skegs and kooks out there. And why not? This is a cut above many of our usual MCM beach fare in terms of the solidity of build, condition, and features: stone fireplace! Walls of windows! Beautiful kitchen joinery! Not to mention that huge north-facing backyard, hell, it had us from the outset with the furniture a glorious exhibition of Australian beach aesthetic crashing upon our frontal lobe in ceaseless waves of nostalgia and yearning. Can it last? Can there really be an endless summer for this house and ultimately, for us? We’ll wait and we’ll see.