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29 Park St, Strathdale VIC

Taking a break off the endless news-cycle (a worthy New Year’s resolution if ever there was one) let us detour today to a home of exemplary loveliness. This regional slice of Mid-Century elegance has just gone under contract ( its a look-lou only – sorry peeps! ) sits in what seems to be a little hotspot of MCM glory as this unassuming suburb of Bendigo also hosts one of our top listings form last year – ‘Nadarajah House‘. Not a lot is known about this one except to assume the original owners were clearly of a considerably progressive mindset to employ a great architect for the job (as yet unknown) and cherish it to the point that nary a hair has changed over 50 years, leaving us with a time freeze of gorgeous design, interiors, and landscaping to nurture and sympathetically revive back to its 1960s splendor. We can only hope those lucky new owners feel the same as we do.

ith thanks again to Steven over at MCDA (Check here under ‘Preservation & Culture) for alerting us to this one.