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39A Sheoak Rd, Belair SA

Coming up for air after the whirlwind of travel, meal prep, booze, and relative catchups we land in Belair and upon this home of bold architectural choices and a firmly modern spirit. Already impressive, it could stand a little interior styling and/or pedigree furniture with as much pizzaz as its full-length windows, parquetry and low-slung, horizontal lines.

**Update** We have kindly contacted by the owner who has loved living in this residence stating:
“Living here has been like coming home to a holiday, every day and we look forward to seeing what the next stewards will bring to Sheoak Pine”
and also letting us know about the pool table, which the house was actually built around!
“You will be interested to know the home was built to accommodate a full-sized billiard room complete with built-in player seating and bar, all serviced by a dumb waiter to the kitchen above. The full-sized Alcock billiard table is over 120 years old and we are hoping it and its full suite of accessories will remain in situ as originally intended.”

Just wonderful.