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Last Minute Shop Shop – MA Style.

Five days, counting down and still that special person in your life has remained elusive in the gift department. Or maybe upon a year’s reflection you feel you deserve a little something for holding staunch against the slings and arrows? Or maybe just because you can. Whatever your situational need to drop dollars we’ve cobbled together a shortlist of favorite things with a Modern Australian bent to help you fill in the blanks. Now let’s see what we have here……….

Books. We love ’em. They’re always a good get, especially later on Christmas Day when you have hit the hard sauce a bit much, the air is thick and everyone is too loud. It is at this time one may choose to decamp to a quiet room or garden, with a new biblio-gift in hand and dream towards dusk in B&W photography. NOTE – It’s far too late to order online, so hit up your local indie bookshop and support them for extra Christmas goodwill.
 – ‘Australian Modern, Architecture, Landscape & Design 1925–1975’ by Philip Goad & Hannah Lewi. If you only own one MCM Australian book – make it this one, it is the instant classic.
– ‘ Modernist Adelaide: 100 Buildings 1940s–1970s’ by Stuart Symons. As seen in the Rolodex (under Preservation & Culture) this one-man powerhouse representing SA in all it’s MCM glory, hosting walks and lectures and soirees, Symons has now released this book with the most beautiful cover we’ve ever seen.
– ‘Iconic: Modern Australian Houses 1950–2000′ by Karen McCartney. If you never got around to snaffling her earlier coffee table staples ’50/60/70′ and ’70/80/90′, now is your chance to go for both together in this one weighty tome. A resplendent overview of the best of Australian Modern homes by the tastemisstress herself.
– ‘Mid-Century Modern Architecture Travel Guide: East Coast USA’ by Sam Lubell. If you’re looking to escape the heat you can pop your brain on a plane and hit up the snowbound majesty of the New Caanan Five, Mies van der Rohe and Philip Johnson. Available now at the Rolodex’s very own ‘Mid-Century Store’ (under Furniture & Decor).

Eschewing ‘stuff’ for an ‘experience’ does have its rewards and becoming a member of any notable MCM Australian organizations not only helps preserve our Modern built heritage, streetscapes and legends but many also offer nights of cocktails, panel chats and excuses to travel to other Australian cities (or even just out of your comfort zone) to peruse architecture and/or party down. Learn a thing or two from the experts and make some like-minded new buddies. For a starter list of worthy MCM orgs to be part of check Preservation & Culture in our Rolodex.

Sometimes traditional is best. A straight-up gift of idiosyncratic joy and beauty, unabashed expense and/or a lifetime of admiration is unbeatable. Our Rolodex gang in Furniture & Decor have you sorted with a drool-inducing selection of Mid-Century gifts including, but not limited to;

– Iconic Butterfly beach chairs at Angelucci 20th Century.
– MCM Scandinavian paintings to celebrate a very special person or occasion at Gallery Midlandia.
– Bespoke made pieces of breathtaking quality at Ross Thompson Furniture.
– Books, napery (and even Mid-Century Christmas trees) at the aforementioned Mid-Century Store.
– Pedigree statement armchairs (and the nicest service in town) at Grandfathers Axe
– Genre and local artworks from the up-and-coming names at Outre Gallery.
– Restoration services for your most prized, but dilapidated pick up at Found Furniture.