We always love a little feedback from those buyers out there who have managed to snap up the listed gems MA is dedicated to saving. As times get tiring and bad news abounds here are a few nuggets of joy and jealously for you all as 2019 quickly draws in.
We thank all these lucky ducks for contacting us with kind words and helping us to see that we all are making a difference to promote the joy of Mid-Century design, each in our own small ways.

Firstly down in Geelong we were excited to find out that a creative connection (indie cinema kids par excellence) have bought this lil’ ripper in Belmont with the intention to do her up in a sympathetic way with the help of some local craftspeople to really make it sing! 
“…we are really excited. such a lovely old couple hardly changed anything except adding that abominable ye olde colonial kitchen! ….hoping to get fitout maestro Julian Beattie from makestuff to do kitchen and cabintery….”

While out in the Sunshine Coast (Nambour to be specific) was this architect-designed classic on lush acres to boot, picked up by some local Modernist Australians who know what treasure they have bagged.

This Alexander Knox home (his best ever in our opinion) in Warrandyte was slaying everyone in the aisles back in October and we can report it was very quickly snapped up by a prominent Melbourne photographer and his designer partner, so we can all rest assured that our loss is their gain and is ultimately a win all round for sympathetic ownership of such a breathtaking residence.

While over in Clarence Park, South Australia this lil’ cutie-pie was purchased by some enthusiastic owners who first saw it on MA;
“Myself and my partner are the lucky owners of a house that you featured on your website/Instagram a few months ago. We found out about the house only because we saw your post so firstly, thank you!”
They are now getting down to schooling up on this home and renovating it with a sympathetic hand. We still don’t know what project plan (if any) it was, can anyone help us all out here? 

This astounding example of what we like to dub Marvelous Migrant Melbourne Modern (MMMM) was purchased and will also be well looked after by Mark, as he passed on his cheers to us:
“I was googling our new home after the auction and found your page. Just wanted to reassure you that we are preserving this one! Thanks for the kind words, we also love the style”.
This is a big win for such an intact yet endangered home and suburb.

In a different variation of Melbourne MCM was ‘Armstrong House’ (c.1964) Vermont. This one really pinged our hearts with its intelligent yet modest design and original decor and we were so overjoyed to be contacted by the buyers after purchase who have confirmed it’s not going anywhere;
“We are the very excited new owners of Grove Street in Vermont.  We are so thrilled with the article on your website about our new home and wanted to touch base to let you know that we are planning on keeping ‘Armstrong House‘ and bringing her back to her former glory.  We feel so lucky that we have been entrusted to protect this amazing piece of architecture.”

And finally, a Hobart gobsmacker which ignited moving plans in many a mainland mind earlier in the year. But only one could take it on. One who had already cut his MCM teeth as the previous owner and tireless restorer of this incredible office in regional NSW we listed last year. It was with great joy we were told, by owner Aaron, that the move was now set from Wingham to Wentworth.
“my partner and I have just purchased 16 Wentworth Street South Hobart. Make sure you add a footnote to your post on this one. You’ve got another Scooby Doo ending!”

We wish all these owners the very best in their MCM homes and possible renovation/restoration projects. And good luck too, to all others out there still on the hunt for quality eye candy, inspiration or their forever home. 

Posted by:Modernist Australia