It’s a tricky business finding a great Mid Century home and then doing it up. How much deference do you offer the original architect? What can you add and how much can you remove/alter yet have it still of their vision? Do we ignore or prioritise the contribution of a contemporary architect which oversaw the change? Does anyone care either way? Lately we’ve had a number of homes listed here of the full spectrum. From lovely originals, cleaned up and styled for now, yet steadfastly original, to almost complete rebuilds and renovations which, to a purist’s eye, pay only lip service to the original creator. The gorgeous 1963 beach house we have today (original architect: Brian Mazlin, renovation architect: TFAD) we think strikes quite a nice balance between original and the update. It remains whole in it’s form, modesty of size and philosophy of Australian Mid Century Modernist values, yet exudes a true casual luxe vibe sure to snag many hearts (MCM or otherwise). Of course when you have the best agent in the biz outlining the complete history of the home, then it is very easy to know where it has been and where it may head, and truely appreciate both.