We thank Modernist Australian, Kerina, for brightening up our mid-week today with this one. More Mid-Century set-piece than Modernist masterpiece, you would be nonetheless stone-hearted to not enjoy, if not straight out adore, this wonderful villa of excess (that floor plan just goes on, and on and on……). Indeed the complete time warp factor has us clicking from photo to photo and shrieking with delight at all the interiors straight from Life magazine circa 1967 (though it’s actually c. 1969) including but not limited to; the Camelot chic bedhead, the guest room complete with bedside touch phone, the brickwork, the stone, the bar, the orange and turquoise and, pièce de résistance, the gym including all the tried and true devices you need to transform from a 90 pound weakling to macho man in no time at all! Though not quite able to work out its origins (was it built for Neville Webb, or someone else, with a design from Max Chenoweth?) the sales pitch goes into so much history and appreciative description, that they might very well put us out of a job! Bravo Sue you’ve got a ripper on your hands and we’re lapping it up!