27 Grandview Ave, Urrbrae SA

We’ve hit a rich vein of MCM gold in them thar hills of Adelaide, so sit back and enjoy for the parade for the next few days. Starting with this updated and slightly altered (since last time round) beaut. Very much like the residence in Forrest ACT this week, it is a straight up walk in and soak it up proposition, and who doesn’t just love some pristine cream brick and timber?

PS – A shoutout to The Local Modernist for digging up this baby. Follow them today!

696 Old Cooma Rd, Googong NSW

Once again, only a little out of the nation’s capital but looking as parched and remote as a Drysdale painting this curious and enormous architectural homestead needs some attention but where some only see empty, tired spaces (though that kitchen is rather lovely) and arid paddocks we see options. Perhaps the start of an iconic succulent botanical centre or a gallery/reception/convention space with room for participants to traverse the grasses and talk themselves around, or (our favorite fantasy) it could become the headquarters of the energy capitalist reborn, a baronial compound for a new dynasty not of Texan oil but Aussie solar,  the fields filled with batteries and panels, the home filled with drama, striking hairstyles and shoulder pads (they’re back doncha you know?). Just some ideas to spitball.

1 Rathkeale Ave, Mount Helen VIC

Rather demure upon first glance this no nonsense home with perfect northern orientation has not changed hands till this point and remains true to it’s 1960s conception from the mind of local architect and winery founder (now that is a progressive mind right there!) Ewan Jones. There is a almost an old school, reserved manliness to this bargain-priced family home; that olive and black bathroom, the neutral tones and neat-o presentation which could remain perfectly well as is or might perhaps benefit from a spark of coloured furnishings. Either way you don’t wanna mess with the essential form nor elements of this rock solid ripper.

86 Lansdowne St, Sale VIC

Though hardly groundbreaking and with traits bringing it more in-line with a Mid-Century bungalow style, Californian or otherwise, we still can’t say no to a butterfly roof. A more unconventional layout ( no, entry -> bedroom this side-> bedroom that side -> back kitchen, here) and some added delights like those stone planters, timber entry partition and open kitchen family spaces make this a nice little prospect to suit a more milder version of MC aficionado.

367 Bent St, South Grafton NSW

This week is a regional escape and a showcase of Mid-Century simplicity no amount of clean-eating or deep breathing can attain. A place where finances were prudent, you looked after what you had and what you had was down to pragmatism. Within the pale fibro walls and bright rooms of this modestly beautiful sweetie-pie contemporary ideals of ‘simplifying’ and ‘conscious consumption’ are manifest, well before they were ever a lifestyle choice.

105 McCarrs Creek Rd, Church Point NSW

It’s been a while Stanley Symonds but just like your pad down the road at 111,  this one is the business. An imposing, tri-levelled masterwork making the most of the gorgeous Sydney forest escarpment and with just enough quirk to keep us on our toes, including the accomodation, nay celebration, of in situ boulders in the floorpan (and as such is reminiscent of o/s MCM icon the Frey House II), segmented, irregular windows throughout and the expected floor to ceiling glass, timber feature walls and original textures of sprayed concrete (due for a comeback surely?) and cork flooring. Our one lament is the possible loss of raw brick on the exterior – has this been rendered in the last 20 years? Nonetheless this one is guaranteed to please purist MCM fans, luxury seekers of means and many others in between.

56 Alice St, Mount Waverley VIC

Just like Gareth yesterday, Alice has seen better days, in fact she was once an  ‘It Girl’, delivered unto a dynamic post war Melbourne by none other than Robin Boyd himself. Those optimistic times heralding exciting new concepts of considered housing and architecture ultimately gave in to a depressing regression of design, horrific volume builds and a dumbing down of everyone, and what was once the start of something special, sat quietly in the eastern suburbs and gathered cobwebs. However what goes around inevitably comes around and we are overjoyed by the benevolence of this agent, for it is a certainty that if this way listed pre – 2017 we wouldn’t even see a photo of this house, let alone a suggestion of renovation or an acknowledgment of the advancing MCM buyer’s market. Let us collectively confirm Michael’s instincts shall we, and see it go to a lover not a developer.

48 Gareth Ave, Beaumaris VIC

First in a pair of steadily ageing offerings. Both homes still hint at their previous lives as glorious bastions of the new Australia in the 1950s, though now they have fallen into disrepair maybe from a few too many parties, but more likely just like us all – neglecting our bones, surfaces and furnishings until it’s getting dangerously late to turn it all around. Despite this, well worn and well loved Gareth here still has all the makings of a new man about town and it is indeed thrilling and a comfort to see such a down-at heel fella getting a great MCM sell from the agent, though only time will tell of his eventual fate.

46 Kooloora Ave, Freshwater NSW

We suppose when asked to imagine Australian Mid-Century Modernism, a passively appreciative eye from the Northern Hemisphere would conjure up this listing. So insanely Northern Beaches bronzed aussie it’s basically INXS’s first album in real estate form and (ooh my!) the absolute essence of coastal breezy days and carefree nights already so just imagine what a little sympathetic touch up here and there could achieve (we’d suggest work on the front garden for starters). Claiming 140 years of possession by one family indicates two owners to this particular spot in all of human history – once again a simple reminder of what a young and gorgeous yet ancient place we inhabit. Lets not spoil such a magical union of land and home with some kind of ill-conceived knock down please, we beg of you.

32 Mirram St, Boondall QLD

The price is right, a sure delight. And we are also sure the architect did a little more than just the fireplace. Split levels. Beach murals. A veritable brick, timber and tile variety hour. Just so utterly Muriel, Mirrum.




15 Trinity Ct, Brighton East VIC

An at-risk bayside beauty with dedicated owners intent to handover to anyone so worthy and sadly (but typically) for Brighton, it has nil heritage protection *sigh*. Completed in 1958 by unsung architect Walter Mason, from all accounts a rather progressive Mid-Century man round the way (indeed Trinity Court is recognised historically as an estate of such housing), this modest home unsullied by time and newer-tastes retains a litany of glee provoking aspects; sunny yellow kitchen/ cobalt bathroom tiles, cream brick with crazy paving accents and stone feature chimney, floor to ceiling glazing everywhere, sunken lounge and (our personal fav) a blistering cocktail cabinet and wall joinery by cabinet maker Dario Zoureff – ooh la la! What is not to adore about this place? Calling all bayside cool kids – there really ain’t nothing finer, get on it right now lest some unholy wealth creator with a bulldozer gets there first FFS!

57 Innocent St, Kings Meadows TAS

Ho-ly! Grab a paper bag to ease the hyperventilation and pour over this sensation straight outta South Lonny. An out-of-the-blue, true Mid-Century wonder set on close to one acre with a countenance of gorgeous brick walls, timber, windows and eucalypt green panelling and sophisticated interiors dotted with graceful detail such as original floral wallpaper, joinery and central gallery design. What we wouldn’t give to see a home like this, all at once affordable and impeccable, within 300 km of where we live. The dream lives on, at least in some parts of the country.

PS – Many thanks to Modernist Australian, Chase, who has supplied us with so many Tassie treasures of late – love your work bud!

34 Park Rd, Mount Waverley VIC

Without the hindsight of any earlier photos, we can only imagine the original state of this sensation in Melbourne’s east although we are suspecting a touch of pedigree (the agent is buzzing away to give us more on this as we write) but all things considered we believe this architect-led renovation ain’t too shabby. Of course there is the obligatory whiteout, but there remains so many beautiful, original elements at the forefront (oh those windows!), welcomed along with a rather snazz lower level addition which follows the clear Modernist line. And when you also realise this one could have easily ended up as landfill in the mid- 2000s, then we are not only grateful for these vendors’ toil and foresight but congratulate them on a job well done, we know promoting the classic MCM essence of this home will pay off handsomely, it’s time has come.

3 May St, Firle SA

50/50. Half wonderful, original build and features including stonework and timber accents, the other half comprising dated refurbishment – such as the timber bedroom windows traded for aluminium and the bathroom 80s do-over which, in all fairness, may have been necessary at the time. No worries, if someone with the MCM bug gets in here this home could be slowly but surely stripped back, re-done and even extended into a real suburban masterpiece. Who’s up?

55 Derwentwater Ave, Sandy Bay TAS

Unleash your inner Carol Brady and/or Danny Partridge with this heart-stopping, eye-misting, squeal-inducing family home of pure, original 1960s chic. Complete with gendered bedrooms (just waiting for your own Bobby and Sally), tooth-melting candy pink bathroom, sunny-side up kitchen and serene living areas this house (possessing the most Tasmanian address known to mankind) resonates with the zing of the Milton-Bradley, utopian dream. Forget the past, present and future and climb inside.

79 Jansz Cres, Griffith ACT

We must make note at this juncture, and for all the whining and exasperation that they warrant here, that real estate agents are coming aboard the MCM train in welcome droves. Many, many agents are now (to use some blatant appropriation) ”woke’ to ideas of preservation, build quality, design ethos and historical value which only a couple of years ago would never get a guernsey in a sale pitch, let alone be considered a factor which may actually increase the selling price. Take this beauty. Though being dealt with by a niche property business who are a little more discerning about the aforementioned attributes, it is nonetheless getting the royal treatment. Historical photos, praise for it’s Mid-Centuryish style (a rather lovely mashup of Mod staples with a rotund Deco facade), its enduring age, build quality and the immediate livability of its resplendent condition are all covered. This is a textbook example of the emerging marriage between market and Mid-Century Modernism we have always hoped to see become mainstream.

1 Glyde Street, Glen Osmond SA

A sublime residence for those who grimace at the idea of paint chips, detest tradie negotiations and tire of weekends spent at Bunnings. Nope, with great kudos to the vendors, this bad boy shimmers with a detailed refurb putting its tidy Mid-Century vibe and some lovely features to the fore and is now just waiting for you to waltz in, unpack and hit the pool.

‘Sever House’ 34 Barons Cres, Hunters Hill NSW

Several concerned people out there have kindly let us know of this little gem. A last bastion of metro, riverside paradise complete with soaring eucalypts, birdsong and remnant Sydney bohemia in the form of the early 50s, architect designed home of artist Lindsay Server (which the agents refer to just once as ‘easy to knock down’). Carefully constructed of solid hewn sandstone with timber detailing, it appeared on the front cover of a 1954 House and Garden and we’ve even received testimony to the tranquility and beauty of staying here first hand. No matter. Plans* are approved. The sales campaign rolls on and no one has yet managed to halt its fall into oblivion. The only chance for this paradise is someone with the finances and good noggin to know that 1/2 acre of inner city bush and a gorgeous little nest within has a worth both outlasting this current market boom and immeasurable to the soul.


*Though we’re not quite sure if that malignant canker resembling a failed ski development in arse-end Canada pictured actually counts as ‘plans’


18 Monash Ave, Lenah Valley TAS

Stalwart of retro-fabulous, angled roof lines, solid brick construction and corner glazing to both protect from and embrace the breathtaking environs of southern Tassie, Lenah Valley slaps their first 2018 offering on the table and raises its eyebrow. And with good reason; busting with style, but needing just enough of a clean/tart up to make it your very own and with ample room for the MONA-bound mainland lob-ins when required this ripper has appeal out its ears. As such we expect a few frenzies already developing out there and an ‘under contract’ status update before the week is out.


2 Binbrook Plc, Darlington WA

Though not one for Mid-Century purists, this gorgeous timber residence of wild pitched rooflines forming an earthy internal cavern, the skylights and cream walled, dark beamed detailing is certainly in line with the later wave of 1970s back-to-nature builds for which we have a soft spot. Throw in the fact it’s in the rare-ish locale of Perth’s forest suburbs (basically a setting for a Tim Winton novella) and was the vision of an architect with one of the best pseudonyminous names we’ve ever seen; Gene Mapp, makes it a dead cert for a listing here.