14 Norton St, Pascoe Vale VIC

If you loved yesterday’s architect designed Essendon beauty but it wasn’t quite in your range then perhaps you could beg borrow and steal for this cutie-pie instead. This duel level home is of a similar vintage and line: full north facing backyard and gorgeous little Mid-Century flourishes in the projected brick pattens, iron balustrade and floor to ceiling expanses of window panes. Once again it needs a little love (you can kick that pedestrian kitchen to the curb for starters) butyou can be assured on the edge of northern hipster creep, across the road from a park and a walk to the station, it’s is gonna be deservedly popular – get ya skates on!

13 Alfred Rd, Essendon VIC

This wonderful residence by architect Ivan Anderson (yes, that is the scale the model he built at the time)) has been sitting within the same family since they moved in in 1966. Though careworn it remains in wonderfully original condition and with perfect northern orientation out back holds such promise for someone with vision and dollars to clean it up and make it swing and rumble with family fun once again.

103 Branksome Gardens, City Beach WA

For this, we’re down on our knees, begging baby please – don’t knock it down.

Situated in our favourite Perth ‘burb is this completely intact, never before sold beauty of such superb Modernist lines and features as to not be out of place in The Incredibles 1 or 2. We’d like to underline here that those fancy, hip new amenities including the local indoor pool and beachside Pimms joints (as pictured in the listing) share an architectural fraternity with this home, a pure Modernist elegance, which can never be replicated in some 4 million dollar, tinted window and grey rendered mansion some would desire in its place. If you must splash some cash then do it up. But do it up with sympathy and respect for we know it will pay off ten-fold when the rest of the hoi palloi finally cop on to the inherent quality of this residence and its historically Modern locale, in a far corner of the world.

28 Gilruth Rd, Kenmore QLD

What developer’s threaten, the termites have probably assured. This one is a posterity post, enjoy in your own bittersweet fashion.

Oh and Vern, you’re a wanker.*

*Check the video evidence.



21 Sunhill Rd, Mount Waverley VIC

A touch of bounce and brightness on this wintery eve. A beautifully realised and presented Age Small Homes Service plan no. T357 by the firm of Montgomery, King & Trengove (c.1955) according to project home trainspotter Steven Coverdale. Surely just too damn nice and with limitless possibilities to be discarded?

35 Kanofski St, Chermside West QLD

Books and covers and judging and all. Here is a prime example of a rather utilitarian, who-knows-what’s-inside exterior revealing a magical, deep timber and tiled interior comprising beautifully built rooms and a tranquil darkness of space- a quality which is criminally ignored in so many builds and renovations these days (but more about that later). As sad and banal as it is has become to say, we are very worried for this home’s fate, so c’mon Brisbane folk  – this one deserves a hero – who can step up and reap the joy?

35 Grandview Ave, Urrbrae SA

This one was waiting in the wings for weeks and now finally its time to shine has come though with the dream slightly crushed (it’s now under offer – dang!). No matter inspiration and adoration is the true name of the game here, so please bask in the glow and take notes of yet another MCM contempo reno. And if there is anything we can say about 2018 it’s that it has been a boon for such sensational refurbs, remembering of course such timelessness of design lays the best foundation. May they continue to blaze the trail.


‘Gascoigne House’ 3 Anstey St, Pearce ACT

Intimidating and breathtaking, we cower in its wake. Could this be one of the most beautiful, original, pedigree MCM homes in the entire country? From one of the best practitioners Modernist Canberra has to offer in Theo Bischoff, built as a commission for a power couple of formidable minds; renowned artist Rosalie Gascoigne and her professor of astronomy husband Ben Gascoigne in 1969, this residence sits at the nexus of excellence where all are concerned. And it is particularly astounding how so very current this middle-aged, immaculately constructed and cared for home really is. Should someone suggest it was built by a headlining architectural firm say, last year, few would question that statment. And that, dear friends, is the Modernist creative vision so impeccably devised that it sustains its owners (and wows its admirers) over five decades with light, air, aspect, craftsmanship and still looks brand new. A soul affirming built environment at a level of sublime so heightened most of us cannot dream it exists in order to wish for it ourselves.

36 Bannerman Ave, Greensborough VIC

We are not going to pretend that this home is going to survive. And, considering its age, condition and materials attributed to the times and budget in which it was built then maybe that is a more natural demise. The lack of insulation and apparent rot is all we need to acquiesce to its inviability for contemporary living and sustainability standards. What we will do, however, is look at the overall design of this little house; the expanse of windows, the easy open plan between living and kitchen, the sophisticated lines on that side elevation, it’s placement within a beautiful site and wonder – how in the world did we turn our backs on this? For a middle-class house built in the 60s, why then only 15 years later, did we eschew these creative, indigenous new designs and insist on filling our greenfield estates with hideous expressions of severe architectural regression? The nu-colonial, double fronted, eaveless, pokey windowed cottages which were only ever fit for a 19th century Northern Hemisphere? (not to mention our gorgeous and hardy native grasses, shrubs and tree cover replaced with bald lawns and skeletal roses). And why must these godawful designs still have a grip on volume real estate to this very day? Why aren’t our new suburbs filled with smarter, better built and expanded upon versions of this lovely home? Are people really that simplistic as to think a house must look (and thus perform) as a child draws it –  A triangle, a square, a front door and 2 windows facing the street? Imagine the richness of our lives and the beauty of our newer streetscapes, if only we’d continued on a design path from this ‘everyday’ home into the future.

8 Stringybark Rd, Eltham VIC

Melbourne’s most prolific non-architect Alistair Knox is posthumously hard at it with any number of wonderful 60s and 70s bushland homes up for grabs right now. The one we’re posting we think is the most beautiful of the lot (though this one in Warrandyte is also bringing the goods and with a far more achievable price tag to boot!). But for now let us return to Eltham, historically recognised spiritual home of the city dwelling chakra and pottery-wheel class and this splendid home; Modern in its line and unabashed, bushland rustic in its presentation complete with rough hewn timbers, brick-paved flooring and adobe finishes, mezzanine sleeping spaces (including a kids bunk-room to rule them all), stand alone guest house, batik curtains, forested acres and sweeping lawn is sure to excite a collective of bush babies out there. For those who live for a more natural scene but require room to house an entire yoga retreat, this one is it and a bit.

45 View St, Albany WA

This. A rather grand variation of the temperate coast, Post-War holiday Modernism as created en masse by Australians all over the nation. Held firmly in the minds-eye and heart of so many lucky ones; the fibro exteriors, long panes of glass, the blue horizon line, ceaseless crash of sea on sand, the vapour of salt, the 60 year old pines, pushbikes, surfboards, the smell of fresh sheets on newly made beds, vinegar, iceberg lettuce and white bread, the fire in winter. Such sensory reminiscences now fuelling an entire generational saudade as these scenes are swept away in a seemingly insatiable addiction for wealth and show and status.

198 Brookfield Rd, Kenmore Hills QLD

Me oh my! A no holds-barred, mid 70s home that we have no doubt will steal hearts upon very first glance. An immaculate, sprawling residence of dreams which separates itself from the mediocre examples being built today by its gorgeous warm exposed brick (if anyone renders over that we promise – faces will be punched), daring coloured mosaic tiles, northern orientation, timber beams and beautifully crafted construction. A Brisbane family compound par excellence.

7 Lucifer St, Balwyn North VIC

The waft of sulfur emanating from the hills of Balwyn as it rises from bloated temples of excess made manifest by temporary, lucre-chasing demons who have naught but dollar signs in their shimmering eyes, continues unabated. Down on Lucifer Street the satanic chant of STCA* calls us ever closer to bear witness to yet one more sacrifice on the dark altar of avarice. We bid farewell to our world and journey ever downwards into the development abyss.

*If we say STCA backwards 3 times in the mirror at midnight, will that conjure a protective covenant for this home we wonder?

24 Weerona Ave, Mount Stuart TAS

Another jewel from Tassie, though this one – as an immaculate Hobart central family home with endless Derwent views – is a dead cert to command a little more than attention and coin than the regular Launceston fair. That said, to all those schlepping the endless, windblown steppe of mainland house buying right now it is sure to still be a bargain. Call the rapid response unit stat! (tee hee)

‘Four Winds’ 57 Hughes Rd, Blairgowrie VIC

Today we have outrageously beautiful grounds hosting a gorgeous late 50s Modern home, the stuff of genteel holiday dreams. The floor plan with all living spaces and overall countenance pointed north clearly indicates this was built by true sun, sea and sand worshipers; progressives of a greater Melbourne rising out of wartime grey into post-war lightness and new ideas. We particularly wanted to show off the owner’s toil –  peeling back what was once a chintz and floral soaked house (see the before shots) to a more minimal, contemporary abode. The removal of these layers of heavy peach, frill and bulkhead textiles and the replacement of that colonial kitchen (urg!) with a super beachy,  painted timber version not only reflects the present owners styling savvy in creating a Hamptons dream with an indigenous Modernist base, but reveals just how timeless this 60 year old design really is. Those huge windows, that stone courtyard, the open-plan living all singing proudly as originally intended and calling us down to the tea-treed coast with its song.

239 Edinburgh Rd, Castlecrag NSW

What begins with that delicious yet all class minty timber, sandy stonework and gorgeous name badge our front, reveals itself to be an enormous and swingin’ family home of sensational northern orientation and the added character of copper relief mural (junks a gogo!) with a devine deck area and pool out back. Sure that kitchen has been colonised by really, it would take all of 1 week to revive this already near complete Mid-Century stunner into purist perfection. La-la-love it!

Apt. 43 ‘Aquarius Building’ 50 Roslyn Gardens, Elizabeth Bay NSW

Not even a Rolex ad starring Daniel Craig smelling of cognac, cubans and cologne while Coltrane soars in the background could capture the high-end masculinity emanating from this honeytrap to end all honeytraps. Indeed it’s a very interesting angle to take with an interior revamp and a refreshing change from the usual skandi-white-handcrafted-plant-lady images filling Instagram feeds 24/7. Suffice to say this little studio pad (weekender? weeker? mistress? master?) is smack bang in Harry Seidler’s famous Aquarius Building which we have listed in various guises over the years, which only adds architectural heft to an already sophisticated take. The bespoke dark timber, chocolate tile, checked throw rugs and expressly Mid-Century Modern pieces all pointing to a certain clientele who dreams of Don Draper and/or blueblooded girls of independent means.This one is for the gentlemen out there.

1 Woodlea Dve, Glen Waverley VIC

We’re not holding out too much hope for this little buddy in the bowl-over badlands of Glen Wafers. Nonetheless, as a classic 1966 AV Jennings ‘Caprice’ project home which has comfortably housed a growing family for the last 14 years, it deserves a fair shot. Godspeed, little home.