7 Glengarry Ave, Burwood VIC

This blonde is so super cool she’d inspire Hitchcock to return from beyond and make a movie about her. A sleek, Mod goddess of creamy tones, clever yet economic design and stunning countenance, a hint at what may lie inside. And like all the best Hitchcock Blondes; a mystery. Apparently not on any local heritage assessment and no mention of architect, though we are adamant there was one responsible for such beauty. This home is an absolute prize for anyone possessing the wherewithal to capture it.

69 New Mount Pleasant Rd, Mount Pleasant NSW

We don’t get many homes from this Wollongong suburb very often, but when we do they are certainly memorable. Today’s offering is a tasty combination of north-asian dynasty street-frontage opening into airy, timbered, pacific interiors and a touch of wild, Mid-East exotica rounding out the furnishings and features (vinyl upholstered ceiling above the round copper fireplace? Well, why the hell not?!). Rich and luscious. Just perfect for the gorgeous mid-coast climate and those who love a bit of spice in their spaces.

112 Camden Rd, Newtown VIC

Don’t you love it when the agent calls a property ‘unique’? A real Gump claim, for you never know what that may beget. In this instance it translates to a 1970s riverside house of rambling proportions with split levels a go-go, but only one bedroom – perfect for the couple or the single who loves to entertain (kitchen!) and kick everyone out at the end of the night (unless you have a few futons stowed for the lounge room). It doesn’t take a hermit to want that snugtime upstairs fire nook for just yourself, your animal of choice, a book and some wine.

‘Aberdeen Motor Inn’ 9 Aberdeen St, Geelong VIC

Let your imagination run free with this splendid example of a pure Mid-Century motel (c. early 1960s) Though savaged by some prior refurbs (firebomb that whole reception area and start again perhaps?), you don’t have to peel back too many layers to find the joy. In another life and another income bracket t’would be the perfect property to transform into a retro- modern funhouse and pit-stop for the discerning G-town tourist (hear us out now!) with the cool kid enclaves of Captain, Union Street Wine, Get Shorty and Igni all within 1km walk.

**Update** Since listing this marvel this morning the doyen of all things learned MCM, Simon Reeves (well known for his soft spot for the Mid-Century motel – hear him on ABC radio, just last month, waxing lyrical on the very topic!) has dug up more about the Aberdeen originally known as The Kingsway Motel and we have nicked a photo of his to show you in full 60s flight. Check out his ripping run-down of this Motel’s past lives here, including its architectural provenance; Edward Billson & Partners (BTW does this not make it a candidate for some form of heritage protection?) As always a post of rich history and high hilarity in equal parts.

22 Hope St, Pymble NSW

This lovely Mid-Century home with little features something spesh, could really go either way here; either an overglam, uninspired and very 2010s whiteout or, taking into account the spaces and times it was built, a more elegant and thoughtful refurb making the most of that internal timber, wonderous garden and roofline. Here’s hoping sanity, and not just cash, prevails.

‘Skye Lodge’ 43 Wilson Ave, Dicky Beach QLD

If Point Break and other pop culture is to be believed, then this property is what the global mind’s eye summons when anyone mentions the word ‘Australia’.  A rambling, roaring surf side house, dotted with pines, a mere stroll from pristine natural and township amenities but homey and practical as they come. A 1 million dollar home imbued with $20 worth of pretension. The 55 Year Storm has arrived.

PS, If the arch is making a comeback, (and you follow such trends) then what better place to get on board!


16 Kirriemuir St, Hamlyn Heights VIC

We vaguely recall seeing this house on the market 6 moths ago and, perhaps resigned to it’s inevitable fate of demolition, decided not to post it. But what’s this? Is the worm turning in the Heights, where so much smash and sub-divide is taking place, are we seeing a little subset of MCM homes being saved? Surely if the outrageous bun-fight which ensured over the wonderful 10 Kerriemuir (literally 3 doors down) last month, which saw heaps of peeps duke it out and finally buy for $745k (when the suburb medium is around $430k) is anything to go buy, the recognised value of these homes standing, might be rising. It’s even more heartening to see a house which is not the greatest example of 60s Modernism (in even that regional street) receive a loving hand and and brand new chance to shine. Kudos to the renovation man Scott, who states “I have a bit of a passion for saving 60s houses”. A bloke who is nousey enough to know when to leave well enough alone (that bathroom sink and that glorious kitchen – yes!) and when to alter to capture to a new market of buyers. We can’t wait to see his next endeavour.

37 Oakleigh Ave, Taroona TAS

We were just warming you up with that earlier listing, and now here’s tonight’s main event. Our first from the hand of Tasmanian Mod legend Esmond Dorney and will you just look at it? Not a hair out of place. Just a sun-drenched, timber featured (okay now that almost North American, wood-lined bedroom takes dreamy to another level of earthly delight) residence hiding in a rather plain exterior. Of course being in Tassie it’s a bargain in every way and they’ll throw in a million dollar water view just because. A true, heart-stopping find for all, from rat race escapees to Hobart stalwarts.

3 Whitton Ct, Black Rock VIC

Time to get tasteful in the well healed bayside burg of Black Rock. A sleek and mostly original beauty with a glorious aspect and pool area. Special mention here to that main bedroom where everything from the due-north wall of windows to those timber bed lights is simply dreamy.

Osborne Park, WA

It’s not often we link to Gumtree for the ‘official listing’ of a residence for sale, but here we are. An owner who has worked diligently to renovate what looks to be a gorgeous, c.1960 two bedder in the rather swish Perth suburb of Osborne Park, and is now choosing to sell sans agent. Bring it we say. We suspect she’ll have no trouble finding a buyer – if that beautiful ceiling, breeze blocks or stone fireplace doesn’t do it for you, perhaps the glorious Frangipani in the huge backyard will. Inquire today!

24 Monash Ave, Lenah Valley TAS

Suit and helmet on Retronauts, your next mission awaits in a city not too far away. Prepare yourself for visions of beauty, wonder and ready yourself to take one small step/s for all Mod kind up that incredible staircase. In 10, 9, 8………

18-20 Carlsberg Rd, Eaglemont VIC

We’ve been fascinated and enthralled this last fortnight by the confluence of themes which continually weave around MA; memory, history, family, housing, loss, decay and demolition with local artistry, in the form of The Omega Project. If you have not seen it in the news or (if you’re lucky enough) in real life – the work is ostensibly the ‘Jane Doe’ mural paintings from prominent street artist Rone creeping around the walls of a condemned house, the last Mid-Century (though not Modernist) residence in a large estate earmarked for overhaul. To be demolished next month, this temporary piece with the help of a set designer Carly Spooner is a dreamscape of those afore listed themes presented to wholly envelop the viewer in situ. Magical.
Jump to this listing, a regular for us really – a home not long for this world, a world kinda slipping away. That price tag? ppfffft! Call us cynical but no-one with that much money has a desire for MCM rehabilitation. This gorgeously designed, no doubt hipville in its heyday pad has really hit the skids. A faltering, paint flappin’ zombie. And yet those copper saucepans still hang brightly in order over the stove, the carved front door believes itself on the threshold of grandeur and we’re tempted to belt out a bit of Toccata and Fugue (Professor Fate style) on that organ so forlorn. And then we couldn’t help thinking about Omega Project and if the artist ever felt the need to make the project a series, we could keep him in houses for the foreseeable future. Rone, if you want to, there’s a house with an empty pool and a rambling garden waiting for you in Eaglemont.

The Omega Project at 28 Parkview Rd, Alphington is open for viewing daily, from noon to 5pm, until this Sunday the 30th July.

‘Robieson House’ 63-67 Albion Cres, Greensborough VIC

The parade of astounding original and mint condish homes rolls on with this eye watering dreamboat, once again found in the middle-ring, rather overlooked suburbs of Melbourne. This neat-as-the-day-it-was-built, streamlined brick and beamed stunner still boasting its cork floored, red tiled kitchen (hooray!), split levels, light fittings and beautiful array of Australian furniture (all way too cool to be hired for the campaign) is, to our mind, something to shoot for in a new build, the ideal Modernist Australian home. Purity and restrained use of materials. Simplicity of design. Letting the spaces, textures, the environment outside and light filtering inside speak for themselves. There is no surprise to note that this is an architect’s own home. Less is so always much more.

1 Bridge St, Bridgewater SA

A beautiful MCM design seemingly trapped in a dripping, ivy garden (though not without its own inherent charms). We’d suggest that the stunning lines and features of this home could use less folky fairy florals and perhaps more Gilberto cha-cha-cha to really bring out it’s swinging 1965 vibes. But in any case, its obviously the creation of a very progressive mind in the day and stands up nearly 60 years on. Lovely as always SA.

7 Atkinson St, Templestowe VIC

And the working week concludes with a bang! A commanding 1960s residence on a spread so painfully Melbourne it wears scarves in April, prefers magics over 3/4 quarters at their local cafe and is a (full) MMC member. What starts out as a lovely and unassuming brick n’ timber, flat-roofed, carported house from the road, opens up to a riverside wonderland surrounded on 3 sides by parkland and Yarra, with 100% northern aspect captured in full by classic Mid-Century floor to ceiling windows (none of that nu-mansion, Gold Coast, medical centre, smoke tint thanks) interrupted only by clean rectangular brickwork including that 2-storey fireplace (oooh to the fainting couch quick!). Inside the meddling has been kept to a minimum (though someone just couldn’t help themselves with the marble could they?) and presents a perfect 50 year old floor plan which in true form is big enough for entertaining, kids running amuck and wine collections, but paying no head to such contemporary trappings of uselessness like extraneous ensuites, butler’s pantries, home gyms and guest quarters which never see any action. The perfect pad of sweeping nature and refined, unfussy spaces, inside and out, to enjoy it from.

22 Orchard Gr, Heathmont VIC

Our third example has seen a bit of a refurb. The white will be polarising (see what we did there?) but is it perhaps original after all? Love it or loath it we’re just impressed the bathroom tiles have pulled through (usually the first to go in a contemporising sweep) and, in any case, no amount of cosmetic fixes can alter the light-filled, yet sturdily constructed and elegantly casual spaces. Merchant Builders strike again!