41 Forfar Road, Hamlyn Heights VIC

The Hammo purple patch is takin’ the love right up to Christmas it seems. What a year of discovery for this humble ‘burg and here’s yet another reason to get on board. This subdivided block (you could get the whole lot if you really wanna spread out) on a scenic corner and right on the highway (silver lining- you have the quickest drive home from Golden Plains/Meredith Music Festival) is most certainly someone’s dreams made real. Plenty of scope to neaten it up without compromising the sensational MCM flavour and line. A little landscaping wouldn’t go astray either – we’d be up for chucking a pool down the end if only to take the breezy lounge vibe (see also: that pine wall & bedhead) to its logical conclusion. C’mon kids; summer is nearing, the regions are calling, time to do yourself a favour.

486 Lower Plenty Rd, Viewbank VIC

An curious feel to this one with its exposed steel framing, flat roof line and expanses of brickwork clearly showing it was built in a time when these features would have been rather daring, even experimental. Great yet again to see this residence being sold on it’s merits with nary a mention of land or redevelopment, a small miracle really.

‘Joyce House’ 8 Lyne Road, Cheltenham NSW

Hold onto your hats cats and kittens something popped up this arvo which has bumped everything else off the list. Joyce House (c.1962) by Towell, Jansen and Rippon architects is an unmolested, dynamic concrete and timber residence of a certain Japanese flavour by way of Frank Lloyd Wright (yes! the agent has his influences down). A complete and arresting architectural statement which, as per the best Modernism, only shows its masterful construction and design once inside. Extra super dooper kudos, hugs and kisses to the agent in this case and his spiel which could have come from our very own pages. Dougie ol’ pal – you’re alright!

69-71 Monash Ave, Great Mackerel Beach NSW

Who of you, though Aussie true and true, still hold a little candle for that most exotic from of Western architecture in these climes; that of the Northern Euro chalet? Who of you, amid the cocky calls and buzzing cicadas doesn’t long for some raw pine, stone fireplaced and pitch-roofed surrounds to take it all in? Well Great Mackerel Beach, Batman! Looky what we have here! Just the very thing. Apparently mates of Jorn Utzon built the place in the early 1960s (and Mr Opera House himself was very impressed – we think it’s the Dansk red which really sealed the deal) and is now first time for sale – minty as a $10 bill. What an initially incongruous but we think gorgeously successful little marriage of snow heritage, beach location and Mid-Century design. If you have the means (and a golf cart?!) get on it.

7 Sythney Ct, Surrey Hills VIC

This residence has been exciting the fans all last week and it’s time we posted it ourselves. It is also a good exercise in reflecting on the fallibility of trends. The present ‘renovation state’ we live in prescribes unchallenged alterations to homes which assume a betterment, but really do they? And for whom? We know that a move away from the dank, smokey carpets of yesteryear’s houses has seen acres of wall to wall carpet ripped away, but the comfort, warmth and sheer delight of the dusk-ruby floors seen here would suggest to keep it. We have seen so many mid-century houses, Modernist or otherwise, slathered in render and painted stormy greys as an ‘improvement’, when the flawless walls of cream brick hold their integrity, beauty and place of time, for the most part, which much greater success. We are witnessing a slow mainstream adoption of varied forms of lighting, second guessing (finally) the instant plague of down-lights which has beset interiors for years and we are encouraged when we spot preserved (or newly built) forays in colour and personality such as speckled lino, colored tiles, cork and picture wallpaper – as seen here in such high charm levels we’d second guess any suggestion of change.
In taking over a new residence architects always suggest living it it for a time to work out what is best personally and lifestyle wise and we’d suggest the same with other elements as well; the exteriors, the interiors and furnishings always remembering what is claimed to ‘sell well’ and have ‘mass appeal’ isn’t always what makes you actually happy and comfortable and really in the end, who wants to live in a bland hotel room anyway?

38 Woodfield Rd, Pullenvale QLD

A super spread with a never-before-sold (yes, another one) home of sensational MCM line and build – parquetry FTW. We are troubled and perplexed by the suggestion of knocking it over to create a ‘property statement’ as it already clearly states to us how cool you can get so close to the QLD capital.

13 Edwards Bay Rd, Mosman NSW

Today we have been reduced to posting blurry screen shots of the agents listing video, for without them you only get an inkling of just how picture perfect Mid-Century Modern this place really is. A masterclass in pared back elegance utilising the best in era-centric elements; crazy paving, straight-as-it-comes brickwork, walls of glazing, feature plantings and an Internationalist flavour in its blocky, single pitched form and masterful 2 storey design delving into a steep block – really – you had us at the carport. We stated the other day that ‘Isaacson House’ would be it for us in central Melbourne, well this place in all its all class, first-time-for-sale, c.1959(?)*, Hollywood beauty and perfect family proportions (we swear that’s our card covered – BINGO!) would be likewise for Sin City for sure. Please, PLEASE Sydney folk we implore one of you with integrity commensurate with your bank balance, snap this up and cherish it exactly as it is.

*And who is the architect?

‘Hawkes House’ (relocated) 15 Brent Ave, Aireys Inlet VIC

For those round the way the story of this particular home has become legend. Celebrated architect firm McGlashan Everist builds a simple beach house for client ‘Hawkes House’ (c.1966) in Ocean Grove. 33 years later the architect pops by to see the house, just in time to witness it’s demolition. What happens next is true testament to the vision of its creator and versatility of Modernist design;

“One man was taking to the brick fireplace with a sledgehammer, another was using a chainsaw to cut off the overhanging beams on either side of the house. “What on earth are you doing that for?” exclaimed Everist.
It turned out that the parts were being prepared to be moved on trucks, then sold. Everist made an instant decision. “Well, I haven’t got a site but I’ll buy it,” he said.
He had nowhere to put it. But the modular system of the house meant it was capable of being split into three sections – a living wing, a parents’ wing and a children’s wing. So each section was braced at the ends, loaded onto trucks and carted off to a paddock in Lake Connewarre………..The house would eventually end up on half of a double block of land in Aireys Inlet.”

A modular system comparable to any of the burgeoning pre-fab companies today, and an architect with the wherewithal to save one of his early designs. Delightful.
Now with the passing of Neil Everist last year his family beach house is once more set for a new life with a new owner. Due to it’s timeless design and beach casual vibes we suspect anyone Aireys bound will revere and love this place without too much changing, but we’re putting it here to sound the alarm for any and all McGlashan Everist tragics out there, we know you are out there.

‘Isaacson House’ 1 Highgate Hill, Toorak VIC

If there is one sure thing in this crazy, mixed-up world it is this; if we had any financial means whatsoever to purchase this standout, stomach-spinning residence of exquisite later stage Mid-Century Modernism (and we’ve had quite of few over the past weeks) then you would not be seeing this listing today. We would have called the bank 2 days ago and be signing the papers right now. And this never before sold, executor’s auction estate is nothing if not a gold-plated testament to its (possibly now gone) owner, for we have rarely seen such a stunning home of progressive design and materials in such beautiful condition. To our minds – with our own predilections within the entire MCM canon – there is really nothing you could do, make or say to improve on this corner home on on the Yarralands. It is the Alpha and the Omega. Amen.

20 Olympus Dve, Templestowe Lower VIC

Cast your eyes on this gorgeous Graeme Gunn courtyard house in what appears to be stunningly original condish. It stands as it has for 50 years, hidden from the street, waiting for you to walk in and experience it. And it bears repeating that the strengths of such architecture, such a regular suburban example, lies not in styling arrangements but in the elemental materials. Not in the perfumed candles, but in the breezy airflow. Not in expensive light centerpiece, but in the seasonal sunlight and deep shade governed by window placement. It’s not, and never has been, in the viewing but rather in the feeling.

199 Warrimoo Ave, St Ives NSW

A 1960s, architect designed home of note; light filled living rooms, flawless brickwork and supreme orientation on close to an acre. So of course the obvious thing to do is buy it in 2014, cut down every mature gumtree and flog it 3 years later for probably double. Despite the current agents praise of the residence (nice to see Coco) and subdivision plans aside (you can still do that and keep this home BTW) this real estate market is surely reaching peak ludicrous.

26 Caloroga St, Wattle Park SA

Flags aside, we know there is something Adeliade will always deliver – gorgeously original, Mid-Century, architect designed homes and whatsmore at a price we on the eastern seaboard can only whine about. Cast you eyes on this little winner – just another day in SA really.

37 Mill St, Kennington VIC

Man oh man! It is these later stage Modernist, 1970s, split levelled, tumbled bricked properties which get us really excited. It’s a mere matter of moving in and perhaps some small tweaks here and there (though NOT rendering – just say no people) to enjoy every inch of this imposing 1 acre pleasurezone including (our personal the deal maker) awesome pool, which would certainly get a workout on the goldfields come summer. Anyone relocating? This makes us wanna.

131 Park Road, Donvale VIC

Alistair Knox pops up once more to show us how to do rustic hideout in the heart of the eastern suburbs. Those looking to avoid the football immersion test that is Grand Final weekend in Melbourne could do worse than to check out this baby and dream of serenity amid the gums and birdcall.

59 Morris Rd, Upwey VIC

As they say in the trades, this is not for the faint hearted, but if any of you out there have an imagination like ours then you can see past the haunted house presentation and zoom in on the charming 50s form, terraced garden and beautiful internal features which could become the centrepiece of a victorious rebirth for this hillside home. Throw in that huge yard (1/2 acre thanks) and bushland setting (that path to the hill hoist = aussie catwalk mate) and you’ve got the stage set for a ripper family compound.

25 Virginia Ct, Caulfield South VIC

100% proof, unadulterated Caulfield transcendence. One of the best we’ve shown from this suburb in years – considering its preserved state, design and decor (which is a real declaration considering bagel-belt homes often turn up, more or less, in beautiful condition). That wallpaper alone is worth the pricetag, not to mention the parquetry, bathroom tiles, pool, bespoke joinery, incredible kitchen and masterful northern orientation And we will be beside ourselves if it is messed with by any new owners. Crossing our fingers hard for this one.

5 Lloyd St, Merewether NSW

On closer inspection what first seems to be a killer house is in fact a triple unit block, in such condition as we’ve never seen! (well externally anyway). Not surprisingly the only options the sales pitch give us;
a) monstering a gorgeous 1960s brick facade into a putrid tangle of grey
or b) knocking the whole thing down
are not really doing it for us, so let us opt instead to daydream all day about either;
c) working out a new interior layout to make it a single dream residence for the ages
or d) chasing the coast retirement dream with you two best buds and keeping a unit each in the hippest of co-ops.
Charging up the rascal for the dawn-break, ice-berg swim down the hill, never sounded so inciting.

60 Phillips St, Bracken Ridge QLD

Wowee! Not only one of the best QLD postings we’ve have in a long time* but it so happens it was the childhood home of a personal MA buddy. Once housing a big, boisterous family in the 70s and 80s, this is a classic 4 bedder (with pool) of still awesome exterior features (though the interior has seen a little messing) and true Don’s Party heritage. To wit: a series of musings and descriptions (of no more than 50 characters) from former child resident, to set the heady scene:

Mates of mum n dad built it / parents bought it off them / slate entrance which I think is still there / did have a full size pool table on the lower level / orange ‘pig hair’ carpet tiles in the family room / much more brown all round back in the day / not so much ‘feature walls’ as there is now / when we were there it was the last house in the street with bush all around / used to climb in the roof when thunderstorms were coming in and then jump in the pool / had a bike race track circuit that went down the driveway thru the courtyard and up the front entrance path / we used to arrive home from school with wild pigs around the pool / some crazy parties the folks n then kids had / classic 70’s………..


 *Architect – Russell Gibbins

21 Pettys Lane, Doncaster VIC

We’re under no illusions about this one. We only came to say that for anyone with 1.5 million + to spend on 730 sqm of land in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, these ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunities, funnily enough, seem to come up twice a week.