10-12 Summoner St, Blairgowrie VIC

For those whose MCM tastes run to the 70s end and who love nothing more than a cathedral ceiling, brick hearth, deference to nature and a workable rumpus room, then this silvergum, architect designed, 1975 family rambler should tick some boxes.

65 Lansdowne St, Blairgowrie VIC

Next up and all original 1960s, flat-roofed, salt spray eyrie. Sitting high amid the tea-tree scrub, with interiors a little above the standard for such homes – beautiful timber lined walls, cork flooring and that stacked fireplace. Fate alone will dictate what happens here, but lets enjoy such simple, verging on boho, beauty while it stands.

45a Wilson Rd, Blairgowrie VIC

For those of you just killing time till the end of the week, others just barely limping to the finish line of 2017 or perhaps seeking 2 minutes respite from the consumerist death-races, today is a mini-bonanza of listings under the guise of a MCM beach shack exploration. A study of one particular location which has only seen the real estate push over the last couple of years and as such still maintains a variety of original homes which we’d deem as worthy for a listing here – from your straight up old timers, to the renovated Air BnB specials. Come let’s away………
The first is a success story. Obviously a once large block has been subdivided, but the owners have thankfully seen fit to keep the original 50s/60s board house with its integral summer vibe (townhouse development begone!) and modest footprint and go full instapic zsoosh on it. The results are elegant, a little fancy but nonetheless a great little example of how old, can become new, can become mass-appeal hott as they come.

‘ME2 Design’ 3 Pickworth Ct, Rosanna VIC

Many thanks to Steven Coverdale over at MCDA for turning up this unmitigated gem. A project home design called the ‘ME2’ by, you guessed it – that kitchen is a dead giveaway – the firm of McGlashan Everist from their golden period of the late1960s. Drawing together their architectural traits and stalwart materials common to their commission work – raw brick, elegant timber ceilings and pragmatic floorplans to ensure optimal light, airflow and parental respite (master bedroom one end – kids at the other – win!) this unmolested wonder makes serenity of space and movement amid everyday family bustle a reality, a feat rarely achieved in even contemporary builds (remember this is nigh on 50 years old). It leaves naught to do but break out the Toto in exultation.

184 Hensman St, Kensington WA

Like a sullen teenage Kate Moss sitting in an airport lounge, it only has to take one person with a good eye and chutzpah to take them aside and turn them into a supermodel. This little cutie pie has everything in place to become a loved MCM abode of true 60s beauty, including, if warranted, a little sympathetic extension out back. Indeed t’would be an offence to see such good bones go to ruin. Anyone?

Unit 8 / 17 Margaret St, Sandy Bay TAS

Slightly underwhelming on the inside – though that master bedroom patio combo is rather dreamy – the outside well and truely makes up for it, what a stunner!* And with a roomy three bedrooms you could, in time, chuck that colonised kitchen, swish it up a tad and you’ll have set yourself up beautifully in primo Hobart town.

*Architect – Frank Stary

22 McMahon Ave, Anglesea VIC

If Enid Blyton had set her fairytales in coastal Australia, rather than rural England, then this magical, flower covered beach cottage would be the kick-off point for Jo, Bessy and F(r)annie for sure. Indeed this pure, summer-of-days-gone-by darlin’ is up for holiday rental so could be yours for perhaps one week of the year. Welcome to the top of the Faraway Tree and an adventure in Land of Mid-Century Memories.

49 Argus St, Cheltenham VIC

A number of you have alerted us to this lovely residence, a warm brick and beamer by everyone’s favourite non-architect, Alistair Knox and only one of three apparently in this suburb (which is usually the locale for earlier era MCM gems rather than bushland babies like this) and of these messages has stood out – from Emma, who grew up here and like so many of you out there has parent’s farewelling the long-held family and does not want to see it fall, as she writes;

“My parents have listed this house, which they bought off the original owner (the brother of Peter Jackson, of suit fame) 20 years ago. This house has so much scope with beautiful bones. 7 children grew up in the 3 bedroom house (the 5 boys had the large bedroom at the end), and the backyard was used to learn to drive………….We really want the house to be saved from the wrecking ball…”

(Who doesn’t love a little local celebrity colour!) But we need to act fast – this home goes for auction tomorrow, we sincerely hope there may indeed be a new family waiting in the wings already, ready to pounce and Knox it up for another few decades.


1 Baroona Crt, Brighton VIC

Some ripper aspects to this endangered Brighton beaut – the landscaping, bbq configuration complete with copper hood, internal timber detailing, northern orientation and epic design comprising walls of glazing and masonry but the one feature that truly elevates this home is the internal courtyard. Letting in light and providing an architectural focus to an entire floor plan, internal courtyards are guaranteed to add a certain Modernist je ne sais quoi to any residence and are one of those precious items on many a MCM home wish-list which rarely gets a tick.

**Update** thanks to Simon Reeves – this home was from the architectural offices of Bernard Evans, military man, Mayor of Melbourne (for 2 terms) architect and head of one of the the biggest architectural firms in Mid-Century Victoria. Now that, my friends is a list of accomplishments!