519 Fig Tree Pocket Rd, Fig Tree Pocket QLD

Hold on to your hats cats and kittens, Brisbane has just revealed one of it’s best. Another slice of brilliance with a swinging Palm Springs/Atomic Ranch sophistication and in such pristine condition as to make us swoon over our morning coffee (first time for sale!). But of course it’s not only a jaw-dropping home complete with circular copper fireplace, stunning timber ceilings, sweeping floor-to-ceiling windows, sympathetically reno’ed kitchen and a driveway just aching for an Alfa Spider to cruise on in, but rather an entire private, wonderland compound of Brisbane river frontage, a tennis court and pavilion (we can smell those cucumber sandwiches from here) and literal acres of where-else-but-Queensland, subtropical hinterland bush, all of which is only 10 kms from the Brissy CBD, BAM!
We’d love to know the scoop on this – who owns it, who designed it, anyone? And we’d really like to know that it will sell into the hands of only the most appreciate owner; someone who knows what they’ve got and retains, to the very last brick, its intrinsic Modern cool.

30 Astley St, Montmorency VIC

Monty’s never gonna let you down with the likes of this. An absolute ripper. Straight and clean as they come*, in an Australian native palette of red/brown tones and opposing textures, dialling up the cosy. Oh, and big props also to the agents for espousing the virtues of slate flooring, flawless timber and brick, instead of dismissing their inherent beauty in favour of a cheap whitewash – we wish wish there were more of you to go round!

*Architects – Herman and Martin Sibbel

18 Moore St, Colac VIC

A regular where MA listings are concerned, good ol’ Colac does seem to punch above it’s weight in gorgeous little homes, of predominantly original build and fittings. This one is a particularly neat-o residence, that cream brick straight and unblemished as anything we’ve ever seen, with a design hailing from respected G-town firm Schefferle & Chomley and of course, because of its country location will surely go for a non-ludicrous sum. Just lovely.

PS the usual thanks to Steven and Simon for their spotting and knowledge of this home.


The Rumpus Room

Athleisurewear as once seen in rumpus rooms, patios and bars across the nation (The Sun newspaper, Sept. 29th 1983)

Conjurer and ferryman to Australian suburbia of the 60s, 70s and 80s, Tim Ross has recently released a new book on the very subject and is now travelling the countryside with tall tales to accompany it. Although late to the party, we’d like to remind you there is one such show coming up in Melbourne this Monday night, with additional special guest star Lucy ‘Design Files’ Feagins. We suggest you get on down to Northcote town and if you cannot then at perhaps buy the book and float away on a tide of childhood ratbaggery and long gone places revisited, which in our estimation may include but not be limited to; dinged ping-pong paddles, boardgames (we’d put our money on Mastermind, Test Match and Uno), murder in the dark, backyard cricket, Malvern Star bikes, Pong, trampoline injuries, pool ponies, stripey carpet*, EON FM, scuffed lino, bbq snags with coleslaw, swap cards, Wizz Fizz, Chicko Rolls, Dunlop Romes, young parents holding banquet parties and children completely unsupervised for days on end. Oh what a time it was to be alive.

*you know the kind – the short loop pile carpet with a different stripe of colour per row – if anyone can name that for us, we be most grateful.


6 Tusmore Ave, Leabrook SA

Like a vegan walking past a butcher shop window, a prime cut poster gleaming from the window, so too we steel ourselves, assume the higher road and clench our teeth at that first image of subdivided land. We could try to explain to ol’ mates Oren and Matty boy that it’s homes like these – local pinnacles of design, craftsmanship, materials and mature gardens which stand the test of time and could never be replicated today for under several million (and that’s if you can find a good joiner/parquetry guy/architect). We could plead with the sellers that one does not break down a gullwing Mercedes for parts, not tip out the ’94 Grange so you can store salad dressing in the bottle. Nor does one rip out a Whitely sketch to pop in their own watercolour dabble in the frame, nor unpick a mint ’63 Chanel suit to make some natty new placemats. So why, oh why, don’t our Mid Century architecture wonders command even a 10th of that respect?

6 Chelmsford Ave, Mitcham SA

Yes this house is a brick and timber beamed beauty which has been kicking arse and taking ‘likes’ all over the local Mod social media, and yes it’s in great nick just ripe for a new owner to make it shimmer even more, but what are we really loving here? Allocasuarina littoralis. The Black Sheoaks, that’s what. One of the most civically used, yet criminally overlooked trees from our native trove. And the wonderful garden of this 60s home showcases some amazing mature examples, mysteriously whispering and swaying in the winter onset.

75 Station Rd, Gisborne VIC

Just outside Melbourne sits someone’s dream home. Assuredly hybrid Australian in its sweeping garden and rolling vistas, it strikes a beautifully sculptural form from the exterior and warms the cockles of those sentimental for the more grounded, dare we say country vernacular inside; orange vinyl, sheer curtains and crochet? Well why not. Though the kitchen proudly rips the horrific kitchen reno crown from the head of 1980s colonial and places it firmly onto 1990s niteclub (dark granite/ slumped glass/ feature exhaust flues, eek!), the rest is simply peachy.


‘Jones House’ 103 Wimborne Ave, Mount Eliza VIC

With a bone structure that belongs in the books of Ford Modelling Agency this unassuming, bucolic beauty has renovation potential dripping off every right angle and trickling down those glazed/masonry expanses. If this one was in our ‘hood we’d be on it like white on rice, using that runaway Monstera adorned entry patio as our starting point and transforming the entire spread, room by room, to garden, to pool area into a complete MCM wonderland.

**Update** A wonderful comment of this home was left on our Instagram feed yesterday by newfound fav furniture and steel makers Christensen Jackson. We just love this kind of info of a life well lived;
“The wonderful home of a wonderful man…and my Mum’s neighbour! Alan Jones passed away a couple of months ago at the age of 90. An engineer by trade, he lived and worked in numerous countries across nearly every continent. He was also an avid boat builder, and well into his 80’s, although legally blind, was building a ‘Couta’ boat in his garage……Apart from the pool being home to a substantial frog colony, it is truly a great house…and with the developers wrecking ball knocking, it would be a crying shame to see it go.”

212 Monbulk Rd, The Patch VIC

Though overrun with some well very presented MCM listings right now, we keep returning to this one, so up it goes. We’re not sure if the cooling weather is attracting our eye to the sun-dappled, New England setting or perhaps the growing Twin Peaks anticipation is turning our ear to those swishing trees and dreamy, sugar-dusted rooms (lets stay out of that basement shall we) or maybe it’s just the plain ol’ property-hound in us seeing fixer-upper potential in a delightfully uncomplicated floor plan. Whatever it is, we like it and we think a few of you out there will too.

**Oops! Just sold!