A heavy week calls for a lighter style offering, something both beguiling and joyful to behold. Well, we’ve prayed to St Leonard (patron of political prisoners and captives of all sorts) and here’s what we got – a loaf of bread house! Native to the area, we know of another at 2 Ardlui Dve, Newtown and a block of flats at 3 Alcona Court, Bell Park of similar ilk. The urban myth goes that the mould used in all of these residences was discarded by its engineer creator and now sits in a junkyard, visible from the Melbourne/Geelong train line (we are investigating as we speak). In any case, a nice addition to the Modern-Design-as-Space-Exploration canon alongside A-frames, Futuro houses and many other Googie-land quirks out there. Still very much worth a re-furb (hey its insulation properties are worth it alone) and a new chance to make it the most legendary holiday house, downsizer or retirement pod ever. Call Shazza now, before some unscrupulous land banker does.