Corner block. Largish land. Developer heaven. The architect’s own.

It’s the last on this list which gets us excited. To be the baby, the lifelong home of the architect is to possess an extra level of quality, a depth of consideration for the living spaces, materials and orientation – all which are clearly displayed here. It’s a sophisticated, albeit tired, home with a stunning line, garden (apparently a rambling forest awaits in the backyard – weee!) and history (now revealed to be the work of Lithuanian architect Bolos Kunciunas). Sadly it’s the first three items on this list that means the end of this example of ‘everyday’ Modernism is most probably nigh, although we understand the sellers are desperate to sell it to an appreciative new owner. And this is where our real battleground is, because for every high-end, landmark  MCM residence which remains; twenty of these are demolished and we feel it’s actually the more accessible, suburban homes which will secure and inspire a more populist future for considered design.



**Update** This house has now received the protection of a heritage overlay, thanks to the work of council and architectural historian Simon Reeves, see our article here for details!